7 Weird Facial Treatments That'll Make You Squirm ...


If you think you have already heard about weird facial treatments, think again because I am going to talk about some of the most cringe worthy beauty treatments that women tend to go for.

It’s interesting what we do for beauty;

we are up for trying anything, even if it doesn’t seem rational.

I am all for using natural ingredients for beauty but these treatments are not what I had in mind.

Read on for seven of the most unbelievably weird facial treatments that you will probably ever learn about.

1. Caviar Facial

Caviar Facial

This is probably one of the mildest out of all weird facial treatments in the degree of its strangeness, but it is still unconventional.

Several spas around the world believe that fish eggs might soon replace Botox because of their effectiveness.

They believe that freeze-dried caviar can repair UV damage and ameliorate the appearance of wrinkles.

Caviar is very rich in Vitamins A, B and D, making caviar facials great if you are looking for healthy and radiant skin.

Would you be up for it?

2. Bee Venom Mask

Bee Venom Mask

Just the sound of venom is very unsettling but this beauty facial is actually another natural alternative to Botox.

Don’t worry, this mask doesn’t require any actual bee stinging.

Instead the venom is put into a cream, which is applied on the face twice a week.

The bee venom contains melittin, which is responsible for the pain when a bee stings you, and because your body thinks that it is under attack, it sends circulation and skin tightening collagen for help.

This mask is actually famous among celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton.

3. Placenta Face Cream

Placenta Face Cream

There are some people who choose to eat placenta but there are others who use it as a mask.

Believe it or not, lamb placental extract is used to formulate a face cream which is rich in bio-stimulant and nutrients.

It is often used to moisturize and bring your skin to life.

It’s a very odd concept but it is widely accepted by people around the world.

Bird’s Poo Facial
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