7 Winter Beauty Tips ...


Winter beauty tips have little to do with makeup and everything to do with care!

After all, we all know that no amount of makeup can hide flaky, dull, chafed skin.

This round of beauty tips for winter will, therefore, be all about care and those little things you can do to produce a big, visible change.

Take a peek, do your best to adopt as many of these tips as possible and you’ll be looking fresh-faced like it’s spring time in a heartbeat!

1. Don’t Forget Your H2O

The first and the most important of all winter beauty tips goes something like this – don’t forget about your H2O intake!

Drinking water plenty of water during the cold months is just as important as re-hydrating during spring and summer, maybe even more considering we get to spend a lot of time indoors surrounded by hot, dry air.

This combined with harsh weather will make your skin feel super dry and the fact that you may not feel the thirst as often as you do during warmer months only makes things worse.

Worry not, as drinking water is not the only way to replenish your H2O supplies, you can also opt for teas and even clear soups – two amazing winter pick-me-ups you've simply got to love!

2. Limit the Heat

Unless you’ve decided to splurge on a new generation air conditioner or already own a humidifier, you should be aware of the alarming amount of moisture that leaves your skin every time you crank up the heat.

Steaming hot showers are not your friends either and yes, that totally sucks, I know!2

Get a humidifier (if you don’t have one) and do your best to get used to the feeling of showering with lukewarm water.

It can be a bit hotter, of course, just not so hot it makes your skin go numb.

Think about what happens to a piece of chicken breast when you get it out of the deep-freeze and put under a jet of hot water – the top layer gets cooked!

Now take a step back and try to remember how many times have you jumped in the shower thinking a jet of scorching hot water is just what your half-frozen body needs!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!
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