9 Super Simple One Minute Beauty Makeovers ...

I never believed in one minute beauty makeovers until I tried them. I'm not talking about a head to toe, complete makeover. These makeovers are designed to help you quickly go from business casual to night out with the girls in just a minute. It might take you a little longer to master some of these one minute beauty makeovers at first, but once you do, you'll love the results.

1. Brighten Your Lips

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One of the easiest one minute beauty makeovers is changing your lipstick. For this one, quickly wipe your lips clean with a makeup remover cloth. Dab on a little concealer and apply a layer of a bright or bold lipstick. It helps brighten your teeth and makes your lips look fuller. Finish the look with a glimmer gloss for a shinier smile. The concealer helps the lipstick stay on longer so you don't have to keep reapplying.

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