9 Super Simple One Minute Beauty Makeovers ...

By Crystal

9 Super Simple One Minute Beauty Makeovers ...

I never believed in one minute beauty makeovers until I tried them. I'm not talking about a head to toe, complete makeover. These makeovers are designed to help you quickly go from business casual to night out with the girls in just a minute. It might take you a little longer to master some of these one minute beauty makeovers at first, but once you do, you'll love the results.

1 Brighten Your Lips

One of the easiest one minute beauty makeovers is changing your lipstick. For this one, quickly wipe your lips clean with a makeup remover cloth. Dab on a little concealer and apply a layer of a bright or bold lipstick. It helps brighten your teeth and makes your lips look fuller. Finish the look with a glimmer gloss for a shinier smile. The concealer helps the lipstick stay on longer so you don't have to keep reapplying.

2 Highlight

You've probably heard of highlighting and might even use it on a daily basis. This quick tip drastically changes your look. After applying a BB cream or your favorite foundation, lightly highlight your face in a heart shape. Use your hands and make a heart shape against your face. It should go just above your eyebrows and narrow to a point right above your lips. Highlight everything in this area and watch your face change in less than a minute.

3 Open Your Eyes

Obviously, I'm not being literal here. After a long day at work, your eyes might look anything but bright and open. Quickly fix the problem by using a makeup remover cloth just around your eyes. Dab on a brightening concealer under your eyes and blend well. Apply a shimmery shadow and a lengthening mascara. If you need an extra boost, add a thin line of a glittering or white liner. Once you get the hang of this one, each step only takes about 10 seconds.

4 Color up the Eyes

If you really want a quick change to your eyes, grab a brightly colored liquid eye liner. Metallic shades work best. Start with a thin line at the corner of your eye on the eyelid. Gradually thicken the line as you work towards the middle of the eyelid and quickly taper off just outside the outer corner of the eye. It adds a stunning burst of color and gives you a dramatic look.

5 Beautifully Groomed Eyebrows

Messy eyebrows can ruin even the best makeup job. If you don't have time to groom them, use a facial grooming tool and shave just over and under the brow to remove the worst of the stray hairs. Next, apply concealer around the brow. Darken the brow with a brow pencil and apply a tiny dab of gel to create a perfectly arched and groomed looking brow in just a minute.

6 Change Your Part

Your hair is part of your look and changing it just a little is like an instant makeover. One of the quickest ways to do this is to brush your hair and change the part. For instance, part it to the right instead of the left. Use a little mousse or gel to add volume and hold the new part in place. You can also add a little gel to the ends of your hair to do away with any pesky frizz. This one might take a few minutes, especially if you have longer hair which takes longer to brush.

7 Add Bronzer

Get that instant healthy glow by applying a light coating of bronzer to your face. It only takes a minute and you can go from pale to tropical paradise instantly. The key is to go easy on the bronzer and make sure you don't leave yourself with any obvious lines between your face and neck. Remember, it's okay to use a powder bronzer on your neck and cleavage. You can also use the bronzer for a quick contour if needed.

8 Whip Hair into a Side Bun

Need an elegant look for a party after work? No problem. Comb out your hair and pull it into a messy side bun. Add a few sparkly hair pins to hold it in place and add a bit of style to the bun. Once you've mastered the bun, it only takes a minute or two at most to do. If you're not into buns, do a side pony or braid instead. All three are quick and easy and instantly help change your look.

9 Hide Your Roots

No time to do your roots? It happens to all of us. Before it happens again, invest in a quick touch up kit that closely matches your hair color. Think of it as mascara for your hair. It usually washes out within a few shampoos, but it takes just a minute to apply and it's dry before you're ready to style. If you need something immediately, opt for a cute scarf or hat instead.

Why spend hours on a makeover when sometimes all you really need is a quick change? I feel the same way and trust me these one minute makeovers will change up your look without wasting your time. What other one minute tips do you use?

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Don't shave your eyebrows!!

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