7 Must Know Beauty Lessons from Kate Middleton ...


7 Must Know Beauty Lessons from Kate Middleton ...
7 Must Know Beauty Lessons from Kate Middleton ...

Anyone looking for classic beauty tips should look no further than Kate Middleton. Ever since she stepped into the spotlight, women from around the world have wanted to emulate her signature style. You don't have to be rich or be royalty to look incredible. Simply pay close attention to these beauty lessons from Kate Middleton and your friends will start looking to you for beauty advice.

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Keep the Smokey Eye Soft

Usually you save the smokey eye look for special occasions. Take a look at pictures of Kate Middleton and you'll quickly discover she likes to sport the look for nearly any occasion. The key is to keep the smokey eye soft and light. It still makes your eyes look sultry, but without seeming too dramatic. Plus, it's an ideal look if you want makeup that easily lasts all day from work to a romantic night out.


Focus on Skin Care First

I love that Kate Middleton isn't perfect, but for the most part, her skin seems flawless. You never see her with an abundance of makeup on. The reason – she focuses on her skin care first and foremost. After all, great skin doesn't really need much makeup. Though she does splurge on special treatments, you can get great skin by creating a day and night routine designed for your skin type. Always include a cleanser, moisturizing toner, moisturizing lotion (with SPF for day) and a good under eye cream (for night).


Keep Nails Groomed

I'm not saying you need a professional manicure every day, but well groomed nails say a lot about you. Kate Middleton doesn't always wear nail polish and when she does, it's often light or clear. However, her nails are always carefully groomed with rounded edges and healthy cuticles. Treat your nails to a weekly cuticle soak, daily hand lotion and a nail strengthening treatment at least once a week. Keep nails filed with a rounded edge and you're all set.


Limit Makeup

Too much makeup is never a good thing. With Kate Middleton always in the spotlight, the last thing she wants is a cakey, over done look. You can still wear makeup, but keep it light. Opt for a lightweight moisturizing foundation, spot concealer and an illumining setting powder. Add lip gloss and a soft smokey eye for a killer, natural look. The key is to make it look like you're barely wearing anything.


Play with Your Signature Hair Style

I absolutely love her hair more than anything. Though she has a signature hair style, she does change it up regularly. Instead of going to extremes, she plays around with the length, highlights and layers. By using subtle changes, she's able to keep a style that fits her perfectly without doing something she might regret. Try adding different highlights or adding layers. Maybe change how you curl the ends. Even small changes make a big difference.


Splurge on a Stylist

Once again, Kate Middleton knows what she's doing when it comes to her hair. It pays to splurge on a good stylist. After all, it's not easy to fix hair mistakes. A wrong cut or style could leave you wishing you never had to go out again. Find a stylist who works with you to help you find the best style for you. Take time to talk to them before scheduling an appointment. Even if you're just getting a simple cut, a good stylist is an excellent beauty investment.


Mix and Match Clothes

If you're budget conscious, Kate Middleton's fashion might seem like the ultimate beauty lesson. She buys clothes she can easily mix and match to create numerous outfits. For instance, you might see her wear the same jacket with six different outfits. You don't have to have a closet full of clothes to look beautiful and stylish. Simply adding a few jackets or scarves to your closet will help you create numerous new outfits quickly and easily.

Overall, Kate Middleton is a classic beauty and she has much to teach us. In a world where neon makeup, micro mini-skirts and see through clothing seems to reign, it's nice to see someone who looks amazing by keeping it simple and classy. What other beauty lessons have you learned from her?

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She's a goddess who has come to tach us mortal what beauty is really like

No offense but I wouldn't say that she has a great skin, she looks extremely old for her age. Beautiful hair nevertheless

She is truly an elegant women.

Old ? Really? Wish i wud look this good at her age!!

She is a classic beauty, she has an amazing body but you never see too much of it. She is very feminine yet sexy. Impeccable taste in clothes, tall, slim and beautiful healthy skin and hair. Truly an iconic beauty!

Number five doesn't really apply to her lets face it when's she ever worn the same coat??

I think she looks quite youthful. A class act, too.

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