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7 Easy Steps to Organize Your Beauty Products ...

By Eliza

It’s a New Year and if you want to streamline your beauty routine, you need some steps to organize your beauty products. By getting things together, you can complete your beauty routine much more quickly and efficiently. And, you might even find cool stuff you forgot you had so you’ll be able to revamp your look at the same time. Don’t worry because the steps to organize your beauty products are really easy and won’t take that much time to get through. Here’s to a year of organization and beauty!

1 Take Everything out

The first on my list of steps to organize your beauty products is to drag out everything you have. I usually lay a large towel on the bathroom floor and spread out everything in one place. This will give you a bird’s eye view of everything you have so you can pare it down and group it together much more easily.

2 Group Things

Now that you can see it all, you can group items together. Put all your eyeshadows in one pile, your brushes in another, lotions and creams in still another and so on and so forth. This will give you a better idea of each item in your stash, which makes it easier to decide what to do with each one of them.

3 Throw Stuff Away

This is a hard step for me. I don’t like to throw away something I might need later. I know – I sound like a hoarder. However, it’s important to get rid of stuff so that you can keep your other things organized. Plus it gives you some room for a couple of new items. Throw away anything that has expired, looks funny or smells weird. Then toss anything you haven’t used in a year or more. Once you pare it down, you’ll have a much more manageable collection of beauty products.

4 Buy Containers

This is a fun step! Buying a couple of clear plastic storage boxes or something similar gives you a place to keep your beauty products where you can get to them easily when you want them. Keep your nail polish and supplies in one, your lotions and facial creams in another and etc. I also like to keep a make-up organizer hanging on the inside closet door of my bathroom where I can stash the stuff I use every day.

5 Group According to Usage

It makes sense to keep the beauty products you use most often right at your fingertips and put the rest elsewhere. If you have a drawer in your bathroom, clear it out and designate it for your most used beauty products. That means your daily wear make-up, creams and anything else you use each day. Corral the rest of your products and store them in the linen closet or your bedroom. That way you won’t be digging through everything you own to find your lip gloss.

6 One for One

What this means is that each time you buy a new beauty product, you can likely find one in your stash that you can get rid of. This keeps things from getting out of control again so that you never have to spend time going through it all ever again. If you can’t find a beauty product you can toss, you might not need anything new after all.

7 Put It Away

One of the most common reasons why things don’t stay organized is that items don’t get back to their designated location. Trust me – this is one of my biggest pet peeves with my kids. Pretty soon it’s like an explosion of stuff and you have to start from scratch organizing it all again. If you take the time to put your beauty products back where they belong when you’re done, you can eliminate the mess.

Is organization one of your New Year’s resolutions? I want to overhaul my whole house, but three kids makes it pretty pointless. However, I do plan to get control of my beauty products. Do you have any other tips for keeping it together?

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