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7 Beauty Secrets from around the World That You Should Try ...

By Alicia

Beauty is an interest of women all around the world. And what’s amazing is that there are valuable beauty secrets from you can learn from so many different nations. No one country has the market cornered when it comes to beauty. We can all learn from each other.

1 Spain: the Potato Slice Trick

One of the very unusual beauty secrets I learned about in doing my research for this article was from the country of Spain. Spanish ladies keep their dark eye circles at bay by using potato slices. They claim that a clean potato slice placed on your eye for 10 minutes will significantly reduce your dark circles. This is a beauty secret from around the world that’s new to most of us. It’s one that’s easy enough to try as most people have potatoes in their kitchen.

2 Japan: Youthful Skin Comes from Avoiding the Sun

I’ve always admired the skin of beautiful Japanese women. Their skin has a flawless look that most of us would love to have. What’s their secret? They don’t sunbathe. They keep their skin in its youthful state by protecting it from the harsh rays so many people from other countries rush to embrace.

3 Greece: Glowing Skin Comes from Your Greens

It’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet has many health benefits. But it turns out that all of those greens, fruits and healthy grains are also good for your skin and hair. The Mediterranean diet is thought to be the key to the beauty that so many ladies of Greece have. This is something you can easily incorporate into your life. Begin making healthier food choices and you can reap the benefits in more ways than one.

4 India: Hair Oiling

Something that’s very noticeable about women from India is their gorgeous hair. It’s so luxuriously shiny. The science behind their sleek hair is that they regularly use oil treatments. These oil treatments are generally olive oil or occasionally almond oil. This is something they do about once a week like many of us do a deep conditioning treatment. If you want to try hair oiling then you could swap out your weekly deep conditioner for a spoonful of olive oil.

5 Egypt: Bathing in Milk

This is one that I’m still a bit curious about. It’s reported that Egyptian women have their smooth and silky skin because of the milk baths they regularly take. One instruction given for such a milk bath was to add 2 cups of powdered milk to your bath water. It’s something that you could do more research on if this is of interest to you. Having smooth skin is something that all girls long to have.

6 France: Adhere to a Strict SkinCare Routine

French women take their skin care very seriously. It isn’t that there’s a certain skin care brand they universally claim is best; it’s that they make skincare a top priority. They follow a skincare regime faithfully. They don’t go to bed with makeup on or skip their moisturizer. While American women know how important skincare is, most of us aren’t quite this devoted to it.

7 Sweden: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Steam

Swedish women believe in the power of steam. Swedish people are well-known for their love of saunas but that isn’t the only way they use steam. They also use steam for facials. This makes your skin feel very clean and fresh. It’s something simple that you can do at home with a bowl of hot water and a towel.

These are some beauty secrets from around the world that you can try. Which one interests you the most? Share your thoughts with us!

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