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Cotton balls are pretty handy to have around. They serve many more purposes than just taking off your nail polish. Luckily, a bag of cotton balls is just a couple of dollars and will last you for months. Cotton balls are great for any skin type and will get a multitude of jobs done in no time. If you don’t have a bag of cotton balls in your medicine cabinet, get to the store and stock up. Then, use them for all of these parts of your beauty routine.

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Separate Toes

Sure, you probably grab a cotton ball to remove toenail polish. You can also use them when apply the polish. Stuff a cotton ball between each toe to separate them so that you don’t have to worry that your toes will smudge your polish. Plus, separating your toes makes it easy to get your polish on flawlessly.


Fix Make-up Mistakes

Ever slipped with the mascara wand or gotten a little too crazy with the eyeliner? Problem solved. Use a cotton ball with a dab of make-up remover to get rid of your mistake. That way you only have a small part of your face to repair rather than having to start over completely. For tiny mistakes, you can tear a cotton ball in half for more precise removal.



Contouring on your face is a great way to highlight your bone structure and make your face appear slimmer. For those small areas, use a cotton ball rather than a make-up brush or your fingers. This allows you to get a precise application in just the right spot. Cotton balls are great for only picking up a small bit of product too so you won’t get too much and you won’t have to worry about wasting any.



No one wants to take all their full-size cosmetics when they travel. Even if you’re just going to work and know you’ll need to reapply later in the day, cotton balls can save the day. Experts suggest swiping just the amount of eyeshadow, blush or bronzer you’ll need onto a cotton ball and placing it in a small baggie. When it’s time to apply, simply pull it out, swipe it on and toss the cotton ball. Cool right?


Perfume Application

If you spritz a cotton ball with your favorite perfume, then swipe it on your skin, you can get it just where you want it. This is great for keeping the perfume off clothing or jewelry that might react to it. It’s also perfect for keeping it from coming into contact with parts of your skin that are sensitive and may be uncomfortable when perfume is applied.



If you have glass jars or bottles of cosmetics or you want to keep your make-up brushes sanitary and intact, nestle them in a bed of cotton balls. They’ll cushion breakable things and keep nasty stuff from settling on your brushes. You can also use cotton balls to protect your products from breakage while traveling.


Getting the Last Bit

It’s frustrating to have to toss that last bit of lipstick or other cosmetic because you can’t get to it. Use a cotton ball and you’ll be good to go. Cram it in the container and soak up that last remaining color and use the cotton ball for easy application too. No more wasted money on stuff you can’t use!

What’s your best tip for using cotton balls? Please feel free to share how these tips work for you.

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Instead of using towel, I use cotton balls to wipe my face after washing my face to prevent acne.

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