7 Beauty Tips for Snowboarding ...

By Amber

7 Beauty Tips for Snowboarding ...

Being a snowboarder myself, AND a girl, I have decided to make a list of beauty tips for snowboarding. Wearing makeup while on the slopes is not really the brightest idea, so I have put together this list that will keep you looking cute while at the same time keeping things to a minimum. So here are my 7 beauty tips for snowboarding that any fellow girl boarder can appreciate. Grab your snowboard and let's go!

1 Wear Sunscreen

This is the most crucial of my beauty tips for snowboarding, ladies. I can’t stress this enough. Apply sunscreen to your face before you put anything else on. A good sunscreen would be anything that is 30 SPF and above. You don’t want to skip this step; the sunscreen will protect your skin from wrinkles, sun spots, and even skin cancer. Apply it generously before you hit the slopes, then again every hour or so.

2 Go Waterproof

This is another must-do. When you are surrounded by ice and water, your mascara is bound to run. So opt for a good waterproof mascara. Buy a cheap one at your nearest drug store, and you are good to go. Be sure your eyeliner is waterproof, too; you don't want raccoon eyes!

3 Skip the Blush

Naturally, with the cold temps and wind, you are bound to get some rosy cheeks. So skip the blush when hitting the slopes, and skip the concealer, too. Instead, apply a little more sunscreen and/or lotion on your cheeks because windburn can also do some damage. We don’t want rough, chapped cheeks now, do we?

4 Less is More

It really is, girls. Snowboarding is the furthest thing from a beauty contest. Keep your makeup simple and to a minimum. Besides, most of the time you are hiding behind goggles and scarves… so why waste your expensive Mac or Stila makeup? Wear an eyeliner and mascara, but skip the shadow.

5 Control Your Hair

Long pretty locks can look gorgeous coming down the mountain. But once you reach the bottom, it is going to look like a tangled bird’s nest. Put your hair in a sleek ponytail, or a cute bun, or into two side braids. Trust me, you will definitely want your hair out of the way, so keep your hairstyles simple, and tangle-free. And don't forget a hat!

6 Use Chapstick!

Forget the lipsticks and lip glosses; leave them at home. Chapstick is going to be your new best friend. Still want some color on your lips? Try a tinted chapstick for a hint of color and sun protection. Burt's Bees makes a great lip balm, and so does Philosophy. Make sure that there is a good amount of SPF in it, and slather it on!

7 Moisturize

Make sure not to skip this step… Unless you want cracked, rough peeling skin, eek! Apply a generous amount of moisturizer before and after you hit the slopes. It will rehydrate your skin and replenish the moisture that was ripped away by the cold and wind. Trust me, your skin will thank you.

I hope these tips have given you some guidance on how to be gorgeous and still stylish on the slopes. But I’m curious. Are there any other beauty tips for snowboarding that you might have? Any specific products that you love? Please share!

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Try BB creams too! Those are absolutely amazing


Well of course you would take a helmet! Haha. But you would need a hat once you take off that helmet right? Gotta hide that helmet hair..These are just beauty tips, but good point


Instead of a hat, wear a helmet!!


OMYGOSH!! I'm Soo glad I checked this before I left! I'm just about to head up to the mountain now!!! That's soooo crazy! But thank goodness! I almost forgot sunscreen! Thank youuu!!!!


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