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You might be surprised to find out that there are dangerous beauty practices that you may not know about. You aren’t alone. I was in the same boat, but I got to thinking about what I could be doing differently to keep my looks the way I want them without having to give up my entire routine. It turns out that there are some dangerous beauty practices that you should give up entirely. Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Check these out and then get ready for your best routine yet.

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Questionable Manicures and Pedicures

Who doesn’t love to be pampered by a salon treatment? I know I do! However, when you go in for your mani/pedi, it’s imperative to be sure you see the technicians following clean and sanitary safety steps. Otherwise, you set yourself up for possibly one of the most serious of the dangerous beauty practices on this list. Unclean tools and tubs can spread bacteria and germs that can lead to skin infections and even worse, so if you’re ever in doubt, find a different salon.


Ear Candles

These are dangerous enough if you have them done professionally, but even more so if you do them on your own at home. There seems to be a rising obsession with the amount of ear wax a person has. Some wax is normal and is actually healthy for your ears because it works to protect them from foreign objects. However, the U.S Food and Drug Administration strongly cautions you against using them because ear candles, despite their purported benefits of removing toxins and excess wax, can actually lead to a blockage, burns and even a ruptured eardrum.


Waist Training

It might sound innocent enough. We all want slim and trim waistlines, right? This is a beauty trend that you should definitely stay away from though. The device is like a corset and is supposed to permanently decrease your waist size if you wear it often enough. However, the long term consequences are dire. At the least, the device is very uncomfortable, but it can also leave you with rib damage and can make it hard to breathe. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise is a way better method for slimming your waist.



Many women do a cleanse as a way to boost skin health, beauty and internal health. However, many health experts caution against this practice, no matter how beautiful it makes you look and feel. A cleanse once in a while probably won’t cause too much harm, but doing one too often can lead to electrolyte imbalances, renal failure and even death. Your body is fully equipped to detox itself so let it do its work.


Brazilian Blowout

It sounds exotic and beautiful, doesn’t it? I have curly hair so I know very well the lure of getting a straight shiny look. The occasional blowout is probably harmless, but the chemicals used to give you that stick straight look are really bad for you. They can cause skin irritations and burns as well as leading to breathing troubles over time. Embrace your curls for the sake of your health.


Gel Nails

Before I had kids and a boatload of obligations, I used to head to the salon for fake nails every couple of weeks. That was before the time of the new innovative gel manicures. This specific type of manicure is supposed to last longer. While that’s great news for women everywhere, there is the possibility that your salon is using a counterfeit gel, which poses major health risks. At the same time, you set the gel by exposing your nails to UVA rays, which increases the risk of skin cancer to your nails and fingers.


Bikini Wax

The old bikini wax is a treatment that women have been having done for generations. It’s great for a clean, hair-free look down below, but the newer Brazilian wax may be a problem though. You are always at risk of a burn, which would be devastatingly uncomfortable in such a sensitive area. In addition, when the hair is ripped out, all that skin is actually injured and you are at risk of a bacterial or viral infection until it heals. If you do decide on this treatment, be sure you find a licensed and reputable technician.

Did you know beauty could be so dangerous? Me either! But these tips will definitely help me stay safe going forward. Do you have any other practices to add to my list?

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I heard the bikini wax is done with talc so this way doesn't hurt or burn the skin

I love ear candles!!!

Thank you fir the cleansing comment. I am a Dietitics student and we are earned such detoxes. The body will take care of itself. You risk many infections otherwise. Only if your doctor thinks you should cleanse for a legitimate medical reason should you even consider them.

Sorry for the typos. I meant for* and warned* not earned.

Okay cleansing is good for a person if done correctly. I think you're talking more about the masters cleanse because that one does so much harm to your body. Just like everything, you need to know what you're doing before you do it.

I don't understand what the article means about waxing... Could someone clarify why it's wrong I'm very confused 😯 thank you X

I'll never give up my Brazilian wax!

I could have died but thanks for these tips. Now I am safe and no harm will come my way.

I would like to know why every item on this list was a worst case scenario situation.

Studies have been done on the safety of UV lamps, and scientists have stated that you would have to get a manicure every week for 250 years for it to be considered risky. So basically it's very low risk. Many FDA approved practices emit more UV Rays then the lamp does, and if you're feeling unsure you can always apply sunscreen to your fingers. Problem solved.

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