7 Quirky Health and Beauty Products You've Got to See to Believe ...

Every once in awhile I come across super fun and quirky health and beauty products that are just unbelievable. I mean, a million thoughts go through my mind as I look at these interesting, oddball products that are supposed to make our life easier. I donโ€™t know if Iโ€™d ever purchase any of these quirky health and beauty products, but I thought they were worth sharing with you so you can see some of the wild stuff thatโ€™s out there!

1. Cupcake Toothpaste

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This is definitely one of the quirky health and beauty products that I could never see myself buying! I recently wrote a post on cupcake-themed products and while I could see myself using and enjoying the majority of those items, I canโ€™t justify spending $6 on pastry-flavored toothpaste! Thereโ€™s no telling whether it actually works or if itโ€™s just frosting in a tube, but I have to take a pass on this one! Available at shopjeen.com for $6.

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