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7 Beauty Budgeting Tips That Every Girl Can Use ...

By Heather

As a girl who likes to look her best while still watching her wallet, I’ve found there are some wonderful beauty budgeting tips out there that are simple and effective. Looking great does not have to be expensive, time consuming or a hassle. In fact, you probably don’t need to do as much to yourself to look your best like you might think. There are a few key things I like to tell people about maintaining a budget and still looking lovely too. Check out my favorite beauty budgeting tips and if you have any, please don’t keep them a secret from me!

1 Use an All in One Product

One of my favorite beauty budgeting tips that has saved me so much money is to use an all in one product that can do more than just one thing in your beauty routine. Mine is coconut oil! I keep a 54 ounce container in my bathroom, which lasts about 6 months, and use it for everything! The entire container, which I order from, is only $16.99, it’s organic, extra virgin and non-GMO. I use it for everything from taking off my eye makeup, using it as an eye anti-wrinkle cream before bed, using it as an entire body lotion (which is amazing by the way), and I use it to pre-condition my hair before showering since my hair is really dry. I’ve also used it as a shaving cream! This saves me more money than buying separate products for each of these needs, and I smell like a tropical dream!

2 Use a Tinted Lip Moisturizer

Instead of buying lip moisturizer and lipstick, use a tinted lip moisturizer. I like Kiss My Face organic brand, which has a beautiful shimmer to it, the color lasts all day and it contains SPF to boot! I like the color Ruby, in case you’re wondering what’s a good color to start out with. As a bonus, it smells like mint, which keeps my mouth feeling fresh!

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3 Buy Your Hygiene Online

I buy all my hygiene products online through for the most savings. I get nontoxic toothpaste, soap and my coconut oil at rock bottom prices. They have everything you could want in the hygiene department, and I’ve even found stuff cheaper on their website than at the dollar store!

4 Try a Pencil Eyeliner Instead of Gel

One tip I like to give people is to experiment with different pencil eyeliners. Some brands will break easily, but others actually work great and last longer than the more expensive gel formulas or liquid formulas. I have found one that works particularly well, which is by the brand Alyssa. It is about $1 for a pencil, and it goes on smoothly, doesn’t rub off, and lasts me about 3 months total. This saves me tons of money over time rather than mine running out each month or every other month.

5 Use Plain Soap

One of the best things you’ll ever do for your body and budget is to get rid of those fancy body washes, which are full of toxic ingredients, by the way. I use a plain sea salt soap bar by Nubian Heritage brand that costs about $3. It comes in amazing scents such as coconut, papaya, cardamom, or you can just buy plain. I use it to wash my face with in the shower, along with my body, and it doesn’t break me out or dry my skin out. It is also all natural, which is a huge plus, and it lasts about 2 months.

6 Buy Quality Makeup

One thing I do like to advise people to do is to buy quality makeup for your skin, such as foundation, that won’t break you out or dry you out. It is much better to spend a few more dollars on good makeup instead of having to buy products to fix dry skin, pimples, rashes, or breakouts from makeup irritations. I like Physicians Formula brand, and their BB cream is the most amazing thing I’ve ever tried in my life!

7 Clip Coupons Every Single Week

You should never buy makeup without using some kind of coupon. I don’t buy brands that have coupons for all my products, but usually I can always find one for eyeshadow, mascara or blush. You can go online to find coupons, check the circulars each week, and also go on company websites of your favorite brands to find coupons.

I normally don’t spend but around $10 a month for beauty products, sometimes even less. I make my products last a long time, and try to rotate what I buy each time I buy so it doesn’t run out at one time. What’s your best beauty budgeting tip?


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