7 Steps for Faking a Mid-Winter Glow ...

By Sophia

7 Steps for Faking a Mid-Winter Glow ...

Give dull skin the flick and fake your way to a winter glow. At the beginning of winter you might still have the remnants of a sun-kissed tan, but by mid-winter skin can be looking a bit worse for wear. Cold weather can really wreak havoc with skin and skin problems can leave us all feeling a little bit down in the dumps. However, there are plenty of ways that you can make your skin look and feel rejuvenated. Check out the following tips that will help you create the appearance of a wonderful winter glow.

Table of contents:

  1. moisturise
  2. swap makeup
  3. get blushing
  4. stain your lips
  5. highlight it
  6. apply a face mask
  7. exfoliate regularly

1 Moisturise

One way to give the appearance of a winter glow is to keep skin moisturised. During the colder months, switch to a more intensive moisturiser designed to treat dry skin. Moisturised skin can look more supple and dewy, which really helps out when you’re trying to achieve glowing skin.

2 Swap Makeup

Many products that we use during the summer months can lose their lustre in winter. When it comes to your winter makeup kit, choose products that have hydrating properties. Swap powder-based products for more hydrating liquid or cream versions. Things like foundation, blush, and eye shadow can all be found in liquid or creamy textures.

3 Get Blushing

Create a healthy, flushed look by adding some colour to your cheeks. When choosing a blush, avoid anything too bright and stick to lighter colours like dusty rose or apricot. Choose a blush in a cream formula as this will blend into the skin much better.

4 Stain Your Lips

When you’re faking a mid-winter glow, the key is to stick to natural looking colours. Anything too bright or overpowering can be pretty obvious. Winter is a great time to play around with richer, muted tones. When it comes to your lips, add a bit of colour with a sheer berry lipstick or stain for that just bitten look.

5 Highlight It

Skin can look duller in the winter months. You can easily fake your way to a mid-winter glow with some artfully applied highlighter. A highlighter pen or powder can make your skin appear more luminous. Apply highlighter to the parts of your face that the sun hits first, like cheek and brow bones, to create a more natural looking glow.

6 Apply a Face Mask

A deep conditioning or hydrating mask is a great way to revitalise the skin on your face. Not only will it help keep your skin in prime condition, but taking some time out and focusing on yourself is also good for your well being. Stress can negatively affect the skin, so a little bit of rest and relaxation while you’re waiting for your face mask to work its magic can only be a good thing, right?

7 Exfoliate Regularly

Help reveal brighter, younger skin cells by exfoliating your skin. Getting rid of dead skin cells can give your skin an instant boost. You can easily exfoliate your skin at home on your own, either by using a dry body brush or exfoliating scrub or gel.

Diet and exercise also play a part in achieving healthy skin, so you should take them into consideration for a long term approach to skin care. However, for the time being, a simple switching of products here or an application of colour there is all you need to give your skin a much needed boost during the winter months. What tips do you have for faking a mid-winter glow?

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