7 Unconventional Beauty Treatments You Won't Believe ...


These unconventional beauty treatments will leave you wondering what on earth people will come up with next! From only turning in a certain direction all your life to getting a massage by a certain terrifying reptile, beauty treatments don’t get must crazier than this. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the secret to eternal youth with these unconventional beauty treatments!

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Snail Facial

One of the most unconventional beauty treatments possible, snail facials are exactly what they sound like. While several snails crawl around your face, the mucus they produce is said to get rid of wrinkles and make your skin tighter. Even if it works, getting snails crawl all over your face is a high price to pay!


Living Life to the Right

An apparent “life extension expert”, Veronica Grey claims that the secret to eternal youth is never turning left. Yep, you read that correctly. According to Veronica, the direction that electrons revolve around an atom determines whether they age or not, and when the electrons start turning left is when they begin to age and decompose. Apparently if you need to turn left, you should turn 270-degrees to the right, to make yourself face left. Sounds like a whole lot of effort!


Bee Venom

The stunning Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, swears by this crazy beauty treatment! Called the ‘natural alternative to Botox’, instead of injecting anything into your face, you apply bee venom as a mask to your face, which apparently tightens your skin, getting rid of wrinkles and bags. If it’s good enough for Camilla, it’s good enough for me!


Snake Massage

Getting up close and personal with reptiles isn’t most people’s idea of relaxing, but for some it is just another trip to the masseuse. In Tel Aviv in Israel, the owner of Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm offers a massage which involves six snakes (non-venomous of course!) slithering all over your body. She charges $70 a massage and claims it helps to relax your entire body. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would be feeling overly relaxed.


Face Slapping

If you are prepared to shell out $350 for a 15-minute ‘massage’ session, then you need to have a look at face slapping. As far as I know it is only offered by a masseuse called Tata in San Francisco, and the procedure involves getting your face slapped (lightly of course!), pinched and stroked, which is said to get rid of wrinkles. Yikes!


Hay Wrap

Provided you don’t get allergies, this could be the secret to always feeling refreshed and full of energy! A hay wrap involves you wrapping yourself in warm, steamy piles of hay, which is supposed to leave you rejuvenated and ready to go. I know that I would be covered in a rash within seconds!


Dimple Surgery

Do you live your life permanently upset because you weren’t born with dimples? Have no fear - dimple surgery is here. A form of cosmetic surgery, dimple fabrication requires a small amount of surgery on the cheeks which leaves no visible scar and is 100% reversible. Start saving though, because this procedure can cost you anywhere up to $6000!

Who knows what the beauty industry will come up with next! Would you ever try these crazy beauty treatments? I must admit that I’m curious about a lot of these - if you’ve ever tried them or know anyone who has then please let me know!

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That is the first time I've heard the Duchess of Cornwall being called 'stunning"! Nothing against her personally but 'good for her age' as opposed to 'stunning'.

Plus I'd much rather turn left than have wrinkle-free skin

I've heard that Kim Kardashian does facials with her own blood and it acts like Botox. Surprised it wasn't mentioned.

Duchess of Cornwall is not stunning. She's a home wrecker. In case you forgot Diana and how she practically ruined her life. Good article though. Will try some of these

Snake massage ? No thanks I'll pass ! Thanks for the info tho .

This is so stupid

I would be ready for the nuthouse if I ever thought of trying any of these !

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