7 Ways to Achieve Natural Beauty ...

Although makeup is beautiful, every woman should be able to express her natural beauty. Makeup is there to enhance your beauty, rather than create it! There are several ways to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Here are some tips and ways to achieve natural beauty!

1. Cleanse & Exfoliate

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The first step to achieving natural beauty includes cleaning and exfoliating. These two things are essential for clear, beautiful skin! Cleanse your face twice a day - every morning and every night. An oil free cleanser for oily skin is recommended. Exfoliate your skin from once a day to once a week. If your skin is dry, exfoliate less frequently as you don’t want to lose too much moisture.

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The next step to a flawless face is to tone. Use a toner after you cleanse and exfoliate. This will help restore your skin's pH balance and take off any excess makeup. This will also leave your skin feeling smooth and pretty! This step isn’t necessary but it’s just a little touch for even better skin. I would do this at night time only.

3. Moisturize

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It is so important to moisturize your face! Moisturize your face every morning and night and even throughout the day if you can. Try to use a high SPF moisturizer for the daytime to protect from sun damage. During the night, I would use a night time moisturizer but truthfully, it’s all the same. These first three steps will already create the biggest difference.

4. Shape Your Brows

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Shaping your eyebrows is a simple way for an even prettier natural look. I believe groomed brows are the secret to a flawless face. This shapes your face and completes your entire look. When I don’t get my brows done regularly and see a few hairs, I don’t feel my best. Once that is done, I feel so much better!

5. Nose Strip

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This is an optional way to look great naturally. I sometimes use nose strips to remove blackheads. For me, these strips work great when I need them. If you do have problems with blackheads, I recommend picking up some nose strips at your local drugstore. They’re also very affordable!

6. Eat Right & Exercise

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I’m sorry to burst your bubble with the obvious, but of course eating right and exercise is the key to beautiful, glowing skin. As much as we hate to hear it, getting the right nutrients that our body needs will keep our skin looking right. Exercising and being active will do the same thing. Stay hydrated, active, and eat a healthy diet. Give it a shot and you’ll see a difference!

7. Be Consistent

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The key to making all these tips work for natural beauty and great skin is to be consistent. Anything good takes time and hard work. Wash your face every night and day and within weeks you won’t want to stop. The same thing works for exercising and working out. Once you keep it consistent for a while, you will not want to stop once you see the results. So stay strong and keep it going!

I hope my tips on achieving natural beauty helps you feel more comfortable in your skin. We are all beautiful! It is just a matter of keeping our skin healthy and happy. What are some tips you recommend to achieve natural beauty?

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