7 Bad Beauty Habits That Could Cost You Your Job ...


We’re all guilty of having some bad beauty habits but what about some of the beauty faux pas we make at work? Depending on where you work, your beauty and personal habits could seriously get you in some hot water with the big dogs and your coworkers. Get all the info on these beauty habits to avoid at work and sidestep these common beauty mistakes!

1. Getting Ready at Work

Ok, I hope this isn’t a bad beauty habit of yours, but I admit I’ve been guilty of doing it a few times! We all have mornings where we just don’t have the time to finish putting ourselves together, but you should avoid regularly getting ready at work at all costs! Putting on a full face of makeup or taking off last night’s makeup at your desk looks unprofessional! Keep emergency beauty sessions a minimum and do it discreetly!

Perfume Overkill
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