7 Beauty Lessons We Can Learn from Melissa McCarthy ...


You might not know much about her, but beauty lessons from Melissa McCarthy are great ones for all women. She’s the hilarious face behind Identity Theft, Tammy and stars in the television show, Mike and Molly. I can’t begin to tell you how great she is. She stays out of the limelight, but she looks great when she steps out. Just like any celebrity, there are many beauty lessons from Melissa McCarthy that can benefit us all. Check out her wisdom and you’ll see just what I mean.

1. Funny is Beautiful

Have you ever been around someone who is afraid to let go and laugh uproariously for fear of how she’ll look? Yeah me too. What’s sad about that is that laughing is fun and every girl looks great with a big smile on her face. That’s one of the beauty lessons from Melissa McCarthy that everyone should learn. And she aims to make it happen by doing her best to get everyone cracking up.

Wear What’s Comfortable
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