7 Beauty Secrets of Models That You Need to Try ...


Who doesn't want to know the best beauty secrets of models? The queens of the catwalk always look fab, even when they aren't on the runway. Of course a lot of them are genetically blessed, but they also learn a lot of helpful tips about how to good look since they work in the beauty industry. Here's a look at some of the beauty secrets of models for us mere mortals to try:

1. Spray Your Face to Refresh Makeup

This is one of the easiest beauty secrets of models to incorporate into your beauty routine. Models wear a lot of makeup, and sometimes this can create an unflattering cakey look. However, all you need is a small spray bottle and some mineral water to give your face a dewy glow—just spritz your face once or twice to combat that cakiness. You can also purchase facial mists containing a variety of beneficial ingredients, or you can experiment with your own ingredients at home. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the water or try using rosewater instead of mineral water. Just make sure that you use a bottle that produces a fine mist, like the type of clear bottles that most body sprays come in.

Stay Hydrated
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