7 Beauty Tips According to Your Blood Type ...


We get beauty tips on a variety of things like our skin color or hair color, but did you know there are actually beauty tips according to your blood type? If you’ve heard of the blood type diet, it’s similar to that except we use our blood types to determine what works best with our skin and features! So, if you’d like some unconventional beauty tips by blood type that might change the way you think about beauty techniques, keep reading for more!

1. Know Your Type

The first beauty tip by blood type is to, of course, figure out what your blood type is! Most of us might already know what it is but for those who don’t, it’s as easy as asking your doctor. Or, if you want to figure it out yourself, you can find blood type calculators online but you’ll need to know the blood types and maybe the Rh factors of your parents.

Getting to Know You
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