Top 8 Twitter Beauty Tips ...

Twitter isn’t just a good place to catch up your favorite celebs and brands; you can also find some of the best Twitter beauty tips, too! Twitter gives us access to so many beauty experts, #makeup artists, celebrities and ladies like us who just have a passion for all things beauty! So the next #time you’re looking for beauty advice or inspiration, hop on Twitter for some Twitter beauty tips to get free and super helpful advice!

1. Prevent Exercise Acne

I love learning new #things from these Twitter beauty tips and Dr. Neal Schultz with @dermtv taught me to always wash my #face before exercising. “When rubbing sweat away, you can rub dirt, oil, and debris into your pores. Before exercise, wash your face, remove any makeup, and use a toner to prevent #exercise acne." This is an easy beauty tip to keep our complexion clear!