7 Versatile Beauty Products for Your Daily Beauty Routine ...


Versatile beauty products are a huge hit! They’re often high-priced, advertised as something absolutely awesome and never seen before and leave no room for debate – you simply have to have them! The real truth is that you already have at least one multipurpose beauty product waiting patiently in your makeup bag and the only reason you’re not getting the most of it is the fact that it doesn’t have a 2 in 1 label! Relax, I won’t advise you against buying new products, although you should definitely check out this list of super versatile beauty products to learn how to maximize your use of products you already have.

1. 3 in 1 Mascara

No, I’m not talking about a new, fancy, pricey one! Your good ol’ mascara simply happens to be one of those versatile beauty products that could really save your behind and free a significant amount of space in your travel makeup bag! All you’ll have to do is pack your favorite mascara and a slanted liner brush and you’ll have your eyes and eyebrows covered. Use it with an accompanying wand to give your eyelashes some color and boost, dip your liner brush into that layer of excess product that often forms right above the mascara brush or on its tip (or glob some on your hand) and use it to line your eyes, then wet the liner brush with the product still on it, press onto a paper napkin to get rid of the excess moisture before using it to define your brows. Fun, isn’t it? It’s probably not something you can see yourself doing on daily basis but could definitely come handy for travels and sleepovers!

Lipstick Doubles as a Blush or a Bronzer
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