8 Ways to Make Beauty Products Last ...


Buying all of the latest and greatest beauty products can get expensive and these days we’d be crazy not to try to get the most of all our cosmetics so I’m here to show you how to make beauty products last longer. With these easy tips you can help make your products last longer and get the most use out of them so even if you run out of one thing, you can combine it with other things to get a totally different product!

1. Put a Lid on It

If you want to know how to make beauty products last longer, one of the key rules to remember is to keep containers closed and to not allow air or dust in your products. Allowing air into your containers will make the product go bad faster and the less you touch you products, the less chance you have of contaminating it with any bacteria that you might have come in contact with so always handle creams in jars with clean hands and keeps lids tight!

Avoid Heat
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