Fun Temporary Body Tattoo and Piercing for the Bodily Expressive Chicks ...


Fun Temporary Body Tattoo and Piercing for the Bodily Expressive Chicks ...
Fun Temporary Body Tattoo and Piercing for the Bodily Expressive Chicks ...

If you're too young to get a tattoo, or aren't willing to put something on your body that's permanent, then there are plenty of temporary things you can do to change your appearance. They'll look fabulous on you for the time being, and when you're sick of them, you can take them right off without harming your body. If you love the idea of tattoos and piercings, then here are some temporary body modifications you can try:

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Henna If you're visiting a theme park or boardwalk this summer, you'll probably stumble across someone willing to give you a henna tattoo. If not, then you can always buy a kit and apply the design yourself. When you get a henna tattoo, you're basically putting a brown dye on your skin. It's completely safe and will only remain on your skin for about one to three weeks. If you want it to come off sooner, then all you need to do is wash your hands more frequently with soap and water.


Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs You've heard of clip on earrings, but have you heard of ear cuffs? If you don't have a piercing high up on your ear, then you can just buy cuffs that will wrap around your ear. There are even earrings for your cartilage that have chains attached to a cuff, in order to make you look extra badass.


Colored Hair Extensions

Colored Hair Extensions Have you always wanted to add a bit of color to your hair? Well, if you don't want your entire head dyed, then you can just buy a few colored hair extensions. That way, only small sections of your hair will be brightly colored. Plus, you can get the extensions removed at any time if you decide that you don't like them.


Body Jewelry Stickers

Body Jewelry Stickers You can wear body jewelry stickers in order to look like you're wearing a fancy necklace or bracelet. Of course, you could also wear them to make it look like you have a special tattoo. If you're thinking about getting inked, but aren't sure about the decision, then you can give it a test run by applying these stickers to your skin to see how you feel about having a design in that spot.


Colored Contacts

Colored Contacts You have to be careful with colored contacts, because you don't want to damage your eyes. However, as long as you buy a kind that is completely safe and follow the instructions, you shouldn't have a problem. If you've always wanted brown eyes, you can get brown contacts. However, there are also red contacts and spotted contacts, which are perfect for Halloween time.


Rhinestone Eyelashes

Rhinestone Eyelashes If you already wear fake eyelashes on a daily basis, then you should be used to putting them on. That means you shouldn't have any trouble with special rhinestone eyelashes, which have little gems at the top. It's a great thing to wear when you don't feel like putting on eyeliner, but still want to look fancy.


Hair Color Spray

Hair Color Spray If you like the idea of colored hair, but aren't satisfied with just highlights, you can dye your entire head a crazy color with hair color spray. That way, it's only temporary. Of course, if you love what it looks like, then you can try getting it dyed permanently the next time.

All of these things are temporary, which means that you can take them off as easily as you put them on. Which one of these styles would you love to rock?

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I would love to try the hair color spray


Love all the ideas thanks

I like the spray hair color and colored extensions

Be careful of henna. It can easily be cultural appropriation if you are not sensitive enough

I want to try the hair color spray! I have colored extensions and love them but with the spray I can have more then a few pieces of hair lol

Yes I will live to try henna definitely


why do people always spell my name wrong they alway spell "henna" thinking tht this is the one

I love it 😍😍😍

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