Ocean Tattoos and Other Nautical Inspiration to Ink Your Body with the Seven Seas ...


Ocean Tattoos and Other Nautical Inspiration to Ink Your Body with the Seven Seas ...
Ocean Tattoos and Other Nautical Inspiration to Ink Your Body with the Seven Seas ...

Who doesn't love the ocean? What better way to show off your passion for the sea than with a nautical tattoo? There are tons of fun choices, from really simple to totally elaborate. What you decide on is up to you, but I think these beautiful examples will inspire you to get an ocean tattoo ASAP!

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Those Water Drops Look so Real

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Nautical Sleeve Tattoo

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Frequently asked questions

Oh, there are so many! Some popular ones include anchors, mermaids, ships, compasses, and seashells. Each one has its own special meaning and can be personalized to fit your style.

Yes, definitely! Common symbols include anchors (for stability), compasses (for guidance), ships (for adventure), and mermaids (for mystery and allure). They're classic and timeless choices.

Absolutely! You could go for a mix of underwater scenes with sea creatures, coral reefs, and maybe a majestic ship sailing above. Adding elements like lighthouses, starfish, and nautical stars can really bring the whole theme together.

Yes, anchors often symbolize stability and strength. They're a reminder to stay grounded and can also represent a strong bond with someone or something important in your life.

For sure! Small nautical tattoos like a tiny anchor, compass, seahorse, or even a wave can be super cute and meaningful. They look great on the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear.


Watercolor Compass



Neck Tattoo

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Tiny Nautical Foot Tattoos



Colorful Anchor and Compass



The anchor and compass are two of the most popular nautical symbols used in tattoos. The anchor represents stability, hope, and a strong foundation, while the compass symbolizes direction, guidance, and adventure. These symbols are often depicted in vibrant and colorful designs, making them even more eye-catching and meaningful. In nautical tradition, the anchor and compass were essential tools for sailors, and getting them inked on one's body is a way to pay homage to the sea and its significance in their lives. These tattoos are not just limited to sailors, as they have become popular among people who are drawn to the ocean and its vastness.


Roses with an Anchor

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Just a Tiny Little Boat



This image is of a tattoo of a tiny boat sailing across a person's arm. The tattoo is blue and is inked in a realistic style, with the boat's sails blowing in the wind. The tattoo is a reminder of the beauty of the sea, and the joy of sailing across it. It also serves as a reminder of the smallness of humans in comparison to the vastness of the oceans. The tattoo is a great way to show off one's love of the sea, and to pay homage to the power of the ocean.


Tiny Finger Tatoos



Red and Black Nautical

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Lighthouse with Crashing Waves

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Super Realistic



Add a Starfish and Bubbles



Sailing Ship



Tiny Wrist Anchor

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Inside a Ship's Wheel

tattoo,arm,organ,hand,human body,


Adorable Sea Turtle

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Full Body Tattoo



Sailing Ship on Your Thumb

black and white,arm,monochrome photography,finger,hand,


How about Sea Creatures?

tattoo,arm,leg,thigh,human body,


Fighting Mermaid

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Nautical Collage

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All Things Nautical

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Ship's Captain

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Simple Black Ink

tattoo,arm,drawing,sketch,hand, Are you loving any of these tattoos? Would you ever get a nautical tattoo? If you had to get an ocean tattoo, which would you choose?

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I prefer BOTH men & women WITHOUT tattoos.

Thanks pearl for your opinion. Anyway, loved the article Eliza!! Super cute ideas!

Doubt it

Number 4 is amazing and totally works on her skin tone. Literal perfection.

I like these alright, I have an anchor all my its lonesome on my ribs/hip and Id like to add something to incorporate it but don't know what :/

Great fun article!! Some of these tattoos are great!

Didn't think I'd like them much but theyy look amazing

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