38 Adorable Tiny Finger Tattoos for Girls Who Love Ink ...

By Eliza

38 Adorable Tiny Finger Tattoos for Girls Who Love Ink   ...

If you're thinking ink, but want something small and subtle that you can still show off, a finger tattoo is exactly what you're looking for. Your finger is the perfect place for a small, but meaningful tattoo that isn't totally obvious, but isn't always covered up either. Here are some fantastic choices to inspire you.

Table of contents:

  1. itty bitty rosary
  2. ode to your family
  3. your wedding date
  4. do it subtly in white ink
  5. perfect wedding band tattoo
  6. get a small cross
  7. you can't go wrong with equality
  8. show of your love of music
  9. tiny seascape
  10. ruler markings are unique
  11. just three small dots
  12. promise
  13. for someone with a sense of humor
  14. palm tree
  15. little tiny shell
  16. you can't go wrong with a heart
  17. simple designs
  18. sister tattoo
  19. declare your love
  20. give your look some edge with a skull
  21. veni, vidi, vici meaning i came, i saw, i conquered
  22. tiny lotus
  23. some say this symbol brings awareness to mental health issues
  24. small fancy design
  25. star finger tattoo
  26. love with a heart
  27. bow finger tattoo
  28. mr. & mrs. finger tattoo
  29. nautical inspired
  30. micro heart tattoo
  31. freedom
  32. peter pan - so cute
  33. happiness
  34. tiny mountain range
  35. mini rose tattoo
  36. fingernail flower design
  37. small hummingbird
  38. just a diamond

1 Itty Bitty Rosary

finger,nail,manicure,hand model,nail care,

2 Ode to Your Family


3 Your Wedding Date

finger,thigh,close up,mouth,arm,

4 Do It Subtly in White Ink

finger,arm,hand,close up,leg,

5 Perfect Wedding Band Tattoo

jewellery,ring,fashion accessory,finger,hand,

6 Get a Small Cross


7 You Can't Go Wrong with Equality

finger,leg,hand,close up,arm,

8 Show of Your Love of Music

facial expression,face,nose,finger,photography,

9 Tiny Seascape


10 Ruler Markings Are Unique

yellow,finger,arm,close up,skin,

11 Just Three Small Dots

nail,finger,pink,nail care,manicure,

12 Promise


13 For Someone with a Sense of Humor


14 Palm Tree


15 Little Tiny Shell


16 You Can't Go Wrong with a Heart

finger,nose,close up,skin,hand,

17 Simple Designs

white,finger,black,black and white,nail,

18 Sister Tattoo

black and white,photography,finger,monochrome photography,close up,

19 Declare Your Love


20 Give Your Look Some Edge with a Skull


21 Veni, Vidi, Vici Meaning I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

finger,nail,hand,arm,fashion accessory,

22 Tiny Lotus

finger,nail,hand,jewellery,fashion accessory,

23 Some Say This Symbol Brings Awareness to Mental Health Issues


24 Small Fancy Design


25 Star Finger Tattoo


26 Love with a Heart


27 Bow Finger Tattoo


28 Mr. & Mrs. Finger Tattoo


29 Nautical Inspired


30 Micro Heart Tattoo


31 Freedom


32 Peter Pan - so Cute

finger,nail,beauty,close up,hand,

33 Happiness


34 Tiny Mountain Range

finger,white,black,black and white,photography,

35 Mini Rose Tattoo


36 Fingernail Flower Design


37 Small Hummingbird


38 Just a Diamond

finger,nail,hand,manicure,arm, Do you see one you love? Would you ever get a finger tattoo?

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