7 Unique Beauty Tips from Famous Women in History ...


7 Unique Beauty Tips from Famous Women in History ...
7 Unique Beauty Tips from Famous Women in History ...

We see a lot of makeup tips from hot celebrities but what about beauty tips from famous women in history? Surely these historical figures had some beauty tricks and tips up their sleeves and why shouldn’t we get in on some?! While there are quite a few questionable and somewhat dangerous beauty tips from back in the day, this post will only focus on the safe and sane tips that we can benefit from! Let’s a take trip back into the early days of beauty and see what we can learn from the socialites and celebutantes of the past!

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Vinegar Face Wash

The first historical beauty tip is to use a simple mix of apple cider vinegar and water to wash your face. If you try this out, use a teaspoon of ACV to a couple of cups of water. Cleopatra as well as other Egyptian beauties used this pungent mixture to rinse their faces and used honey as an antibacterial treatment on their faces. Milk and honey seemed to be the most popular ingredients in Cleopatra’s natural beauty regimen!


Red Wine Baths

Beauty tips from famous women in history have to include Mary Queen of Scots’s decadent wine bath. I know most people would rather drink their wine than soak in it but she swore by this beauty bath to keep her skin looking young and fresh! If you want to try out this historical beauty tip, the next time you pour yourself a glass of red, add a glass to your bath water and soak your way to smoother skin!


Egg White Mask

This vintage beauty tip is still practiced to this day! The egg white face mask which Queen Elizabeth was a big fan of is widely used to treat acne, reduce redness and inflammation and have firmer looking skin. Grab an egg and break it, separating the egg white from the yolk. Next, make sure your hair is out of the way and apply the egg white all of your face. Leave this on for about ten minutes or so and rinse off with warm water!


Grape Facial

This next beauty tips from famous women is Cleopatra’s grape and honey facial. Grapes contain some great ingredients for the skin like antioxidants, which we know do a wealth of good for our skin by fighting off free radicals and helping our skin look healthier. Grab a cup of green grapes, mix it with a teaspoon on honey and apply it on your face. Leave this sweet skin treat on your skin for ten minutes and rinse!



Ever thought eating or bathing in sea life would be a historical beauty tip? Some say that Greek goddess Aphrodite attributed her gorgeous skin and hair to seaweed! Eating seaweed might be a huge turnoff to some but there are sneaky ways to work it into your diet by adding them to salads and miso soup. However, if you’re still not keen on that idea, try bathing in it! Taking a warm seaweed bath can help detoxify the body and leave you with beautiful, healthy skin! Check your local health food store for kelp or seaweed and add a few ounces to your bath for goddess-like skin!


Perfumed Sheets

This historical beauty tip isn’t about skin care or makeup but it can help you feel even more beautiful! Women from ancient times loved perfumes and a favorite blend was cinnamon. For those romantic nights, they went a step further than just wearing a fragrance, they also sprayed their sheets with a stimulating scent! To make your own linen spray, simply add some spring water and a couple of drops of your fave essential oil to a spray bottle and spray your sheets!


Herb Bath

Vintage beauty sure included a lot of bath time! Whip up this next bath recipe to channel your inner royal and enjoy one of Marie Antoinette’s favorite baths! The ingredients in this bath might take some time to hunt down, you might have to hit up a local farmer’s market or health food store but the results of this all-natural bath are worth it! Grab 2 heaping tablespoons each of dried leaves of wild thyme (Thymus serpyllum), dried leaves of common garden thyme (Thymus vulgaris), dried leaves of sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana)and crushed bay leaves (Laurus nobilis) with one cup of finely ground sea salt (you can grind it in a blender). Throw all these ingredients in a pot, bring to a boil, and simmer for ten minutes. Once the brew is totally cooled off, add to your running bath water and relax!

These beauty tips from famous women show us that we can easily create our very own natural and effective skin care treatments without having to buy some expensive potions! Have you ever tried any of these historical beauty baths or treatments? Do you like DIY treatments or do you prefer to buy them at the store?

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