7 Beauty Mistakes That Age You ...


The beauty mistakes that age you that I’m going to be listing here are something all makeup artists list as “beauty faux pas you should be aware of before it actually happen”.

What that basically means is that we’re talking about useful knowledge you should acquire ASAP.

You can read about them and even find a way to use them in your twenties, they will definitely come handy in your thirties and you’ll become a pro by your forties!

Pretty neat, you’ll agree!

Well, let’s not wait a second longer!

Take a look at these points and make note of all makeup mistakes to avoid in order to look youthful and naturally beautiful all day, every day, all life long!

1. Too Much or Too Little Foundation

From tons and tons of foundation to no foundation at all – I do support extremes but let’s face it, there are times when you just have to find middle ground!

Failing to do such thing, especially when foundation is involved, does fall under the category of beauty mistakes that age you!

And we don’t want to be making those, now, do we?

Add too much and every single fine line will show, fail to apply it and you’ll have all of those little imperfections out there in the open!

The solution?

A lightweight, hydrating yet non-greasy formula that will hydrate your skin while covering imperfections and giving your face a healthy glow!

Dry, Hungry Skin
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