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21 Drop Dead Gorgeous Dragon Tattoos for Women with a BA Side ...

By Eliza

Dragons are a common icon in tattoos, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't even consider one for your design. There are lots of cool ways to do a dragon and numerous great places to get one inked. If you know you want a dragon, but are stuck with which one, where to put it and how big it should be, this list will certainly inspire you. I hope you find just what you're looking for!

1 Ear Tattoo

Ear Tattoo

2 Sexy Thigh Dragon

Sexy Thigh Dragon

Benita is on the hip. And I love it...

3 Let It Cover Your Whole Back

Let It Cover Your Whole Back

5 Back of Your Neck

Back of Your Neck

6 Flying Dragon

Flying Dragon

7 Astonishing Tattoo

Astonishing Tattoo

8 Asian Inspiration

Asian Inspiration

9 A Little Bit Fierce

A Little Bit Fierce

10 Simple Black Dragon

Simple Black Dragon

11 Across Your Wingspan

Across Your Wingspan

12 This is Entirely Badass

This is Entirely Badass

13 Front View

Front View

14 Dragons in Love

Dragons in Love

15 Cover Your Whole Leg

Cover Your Whole Leg

16 Super Sexy

Super Sexy

17 Breathing Fire

Breathing Fire

18 Dragon and Tiger Combo

Dragon and Tiger Combo

19 Add Some Flowers

Add Some Flowers

20 Get Just the Outline

Get Just the Outline

21 Lots of Color

Lots of Color Would you ever get a dragon tattoo? Which one is your favorite?

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