7 Easy Ways to Make Your Hands Look Younger ...


There are some ways to make your hands look younger that you would never expect, and that’s a good thing. If variety is the spice of life, surprises are the whipped cream on the cake (is it lunch yet?). These easy ways to make your hands look younger will help you to put your best hand forward every time!

1. Olive Oil Baths

The Italians have taught us many things about the fine art of living well, from pasta to Sinatra to shoes. One of the finest lessons is olive oil. It’s not just for cooking anymore. Olive oil is one of the most accessible and luxurious ways to make your hands look younger. Buy a bottle of Italian o.o., and slather up those hands regularly. Actually, in the beloved Italian tradition of abundanza, why not go right up to your elbows? Italian olive oils are more likely not to have chemicals and preservatives added to them, especially if they are actually bottled in Italy rather than the olives being exported and bottled elsewhere. This makes the experience that much more organic and decadent for you!

Cotton Gloves at Night
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