7. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

Price: $43.00 at lauramercier.com

Make-up Artists' favourite, this is one of the best tinted moisturisers and a wonderful product if you have great skin as it gives a truly gorgeous dewy glow but little coverage.

Non-comedogenic, good SPF 20 and comes in an excellent choice of 12 shades that caters for even the palest of skin colours.

Also comes in an oil-free version for oily/sensitive skin that gives a slightly thicker coverage.

Once you find a great tinted moisturiser you'll never leave it, they really can make your skin look just as fantastic as a foundation does, if not better.

Always give tinted creams a few minutes to settle and sink in to your skin before adding the rest of your makeup and, if you find you look too shiny using a tinted moisturiser, stick with them and dust a translucent loose powder over the shiny t-zone to matte it down.

This is much better for your skin and looks more natural than using a heavier base.

And the best bit...

no foundation marks on collars!

Top Image Source: allysoninwonderland.com

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