6. Is Stress Making You Tear Your Hair out?

Stress causes your hair to accelerate its natural cycle, moving from the growing phase to the resting phase to the falling-out phase quicker - meaning thinning hair can be another symptom of stress.

Don't buy a hairpiece just yet:

Thinning hair is a typical reaction to significant and prolonged physiological stress, such as extreme change in diet, sudden lifestyle changes such as changing birth control methods, extreme dieting or an illness. Even breaking up with our boyfriend can lead to hair loss. Thankfully, once we eradicate the stress factor in our lives, our hair will grow back at its usual rate and start to shed in its normal pattern. Talk to your doctor, if you're shedding hair more than usual. As an emergency measure to look good, use a thickening serum or spray, which will make your hair look fuller.

Stress Can Also Appear in Your Nails as Deep Groves
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