7 Trial Sized Beauty Products to Always Have around ...


Trial sized beauty products are a lifesaver and totally necessary regardless of who you are.

No one has ever regretted carrying around a trial sized beauty product ever (I think).

They are small, portable, and always serve a purpose!

Here are a few trial sized beauty products you should have!

1. Deodorant


Trial sized beauty products can really make a difference!

Take trial sized deodorant for example.

It’s smaller than a regular stick so you won’t lose a lot of room in your purse and it comes in use all the time.

Whether it’s after a hard shift at work, a long day running errands, or when the weather is getting warmer, trial sized deodorants are always in need.

2. Toothpaste


Maybe today for lunch you ate something fragrant like sushi?

A trial sized toothpaste along with a travel toothbrush will freshen up your breath.

Mouth hygiene, especially after eating, is important and appreciated by those around you.

Plus, if you’re a smoker or a heavy coffee drinker, brushing your teeth immediately after will help to lessen stains.

3. Floss


Even biting in to fruit can leave some “residue” in between your teeth.

Keep your smile looking good and save yourself from the embarrassment by carrying around trial sized floss.

They are adorably small and you can discretely carry it in your clutch or wristlet if you’re just grabbing a quick lunch or going on a dinner date.

4. Hand Lotion

Hand Lotion

To prevent the spreading of germs, you should always wash your hands with warm water and soap.2

But washing your hands all the time can take a toll on your skin.

Small bottles of lotion inside your purse will keep your hands feeling soft and eliminate the irritable feeling of dry hands.

5. Hairbrush


Carrying an actual brush you would normally have at home will take up a lot of room in your purse and weigh it down as well.

It’s better to carry a small brush since it still does the same job but is a lot more practical for on the go!

Plus, travel sized hairbrushes are affordable since you can purchase them at the dollar store.2

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