2. Lipstick Doubles as a Blush or a Bronzer

Ask your grandma – she’ll confirm it’s true!2

In fact, I think I still remember mine dotting her cheeks with a lipstick, then blending it for a nice, rosy finish!

Tan lipsticks could be used as bronzers or, if they’re really dark, for contouring, while frosty or glittery shades work great as illuminators and will give you a nice fresh glow when applied to the apples of the cheeks!

But that’s not all!

Apart from being a multipurpose beauty product you can use in all ways described above, a lipstick turned blush/bronzer/highlighter makes it easier for you to experiment without having to spend more money on products.

You can test the look you’ve seen in a magazine, see how that particular shade works for you (providing that you have the lipstick in the desired shade) and purchase a specialized product only when you make sure you really want it.

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