7 Awesome Beauty Tips to Help You Look Less Tired ...

Busy schedules and late nights are definitely not conducive to a flawless face in the mornings, but lucky for us night owls, there are several beauty tips to help you look less tired. It would be awesome to just be able to chug a cup of coffee and look totally refreshed, but unfortunately this is not the case. Taking care of your complexion both in the evenings and in the morning is imperative, so follow these easy tips to help you look less tired.

1. Clarifying Scrub

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One of the best tips to help you look less tired is using a clarifying scrub. Exfoliating face washes will help buff away dead, rough skin, and brighten your complexion. Look for something that β€œgently exfoliates,” since really abrasive scrubs can actually cause little tears in your skin, just further worsening the issue. Also, wash your face with warm water, not super-hot water since extreme heat can be very drying.

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Toner often seems like the forgotten step in beauty regimens, but it’s actually quite helpful. Toner helps remove any makeup or dead skin left behind after washing and also helps shrink your pores. After cleansing and patting your skin dry (rubbing is too harsh!), apply some toner to a cotton ball and swipe across your face.

3. Brightening Moisturizers

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Moisturizer is incredibly important to help perk up your skin and give you a youthful, radiant look. Dry skin looks dull and unhealthy, and can even lead to wrinkles. No one wants that! Look for a moisturizer with lactic or glycolic acid to help with dryness and also lighten dark spots. Vitamin C in moisturizers is also a plus because it’s a natural antioxidant and will work to clarify your skin. Try the Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer.

4. Hydrating Face Mists

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Face mists are the up and coming beauty product, and will give you that dewy glow we so desperately need in the mornings. These mists are often packed with antioxidants and healing componentsβ€”the perfect pick-me-up for a tired face. Spray these either before or after applying your makeup. Try Clinique’s Moisture Surge Face Spray for glowing, radiant skin.

5. Concealer

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Concealer is a girl’s best friend, especially after a late night. However, steer clear of thick, cake-y formulas as these can settle in the creases of the skin. For dark circles, try the Bobbi Brown Corrector for great coverage that won’t crease.

6. Highlighter

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An awesome product I’ve recently discovered is a highlighting pen for right underneath your eyes. The consistency is a bit thinner than concealer and also has a luminous sheen to it to help brighten your face. Try Revlon’s Photo Ready Eye Primer, which can be used either alone or on top of your concealer.

7. White and Light

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Using white liner and shadow right next to your eye will brighten up your eyes and help you look more awake. Try using a white eyeliner right on your water line (the fleshy area right above your eyelashes) and/or a white shadow in the inner corners of your eye.

Taking the extra steps to brighten up your face and improve your complexion are sure fire ways to have youthful, more β€œawake” looking skin. With these easy tips, you can look as though you’ve gotten a full night’s sleep (although trying your best to get a good night’s rest is definitely recommended!). What do you like to do to help you look well-rested?

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