7 Fabulous Uses for Argan Oil ...

By Alison

7 Fabulous Uses for Argan Oil ...

Did you know how many different uses for argan oil there are? Argan oil is the latest beauty fad, and is popping up in all kinds of products from moisturiser to shampoo. But you can also use the pure oil for a number of different beauty purposes. Here are just some of the many uses for argan oil …

1 Food

One of the surprising uses for argan oil is in cooking. It's not just for beauty! But if you are using it for cooking you should look for an oil that is intended for that purpose, and not one that is cosmetic grade. Oil for culinary use will have been toasted first. It will add a delicious nutty aroma to your cooking.

2 Dry Skin

Are you plagued by dry skin? Argan oil may be just the skin savior you need. It can be used as a moisturiser for face and body, and is ideal if you have a skin problem like eczema. Argan oil contains Vitamin E, which helps to heal the skin and give you relief from the irritation.

3 Hair

The oil also makes an excellent conditioner for your hair, and can be used for many different hair problems. Try it on split ends, or to calm down frizzy hair. Do you have an itchy, irritated scalp? Try argan oil. You can also use it to style your hair, as a hair mask, or as a leave-in conditioner.

4 Anti-Aging

We all wonder how effective anti-aging products really are - and they're also pretty expensive. So why not try a few drops of argan oil instead? It will make your skin feel softer and any pesky little lines will appear less visible. You only need a tiny amount, so it's bound to be cheaper than an anti-aging serum or moisturiser - and it's completely pure.

5 Feet & Nails

Your feet do a lot of work, so they deserve pampering every now and then. Most of us get hard skin on our feet, and argan oil can be used to treat this. It's also good for massaging into your cuticles and for strengthening brittle nails. Make it a part of your daily beauty routine.

6 Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common unwanted issue in pregnancy, but they can also occur if you gain weight. The best way to treat them is to prevent them from occurring (hopefully) in the first place, with a moisturising regime. Cocoa butter is one popular remedy for preventing stretch marks, but you can also use argan oil. You won't need too much (unless you're expecting triplets!).

7 Lips

Lastly, even if we're meticulous about moisturising our face every morning and night, we usually forget about the lips. But they do need a touch of moisturiser since they don't have any natural oils. So apply a drop of argan oil to keep them soft every night and massage in firmly.

Argan oil has become the very latest wonder product, so why not give it a try and see what it does for your skin? Make sure that you buy 100% argan oil, as many are not pure. Good quality oil is not cheap, so avoid oils that appear to be too much of a bargain. What's your favorite natural beauty product?

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Turns out this hair serum i bought recently is argon oil based. Makes my hair feel softer and smooth, and also smells nutty and pleasant! :)


I use it for my hair and it works better than "anti split end" conditioners. After the shower, I apply some to my hair, from just past my ears to the ends. You only need a drop the size of a 50p coin (I don't know about other currencies sorry) but yeah about the size of an eyeball, there.


How much money is considered cheap? Can you give the names of the stores you recommend getting it from?


Can't wait to try it!


Bought some in Morocco a few years ago. Fabulous on skin! In U.K a lot of hair products now have it in them.


Love this beauty secret


I like these kinds of articles but the first paragraph needs to give a summary of what the product is, would appreciate some background info cause otherwise i lose interest.


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