Have a Flat Butt, but Want a Kim Kardashian Booty? Tips for a Bigger Bottom ...

Jealous of all the attention Kim gets, just because she happens to have a big booty? Well, you don't need to be a member of the Kardashian family in order to fill out your jeans. There are plenty of tricks and tips for women with flat butts that'll get them looking like superstars in no time. Here are some of the easiest ways to look like you have a bigger bottom that'll help you feel better about what's going on down there:

1. Positioning of Pockets

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Buyers beware! You need to be careful with what kind of pockets are on your new pair of jeans. You don't want anything too large, because it'll make your butt look even smaller. Instead, you should try to find pants with small, high pockets. They'll give you the illusion of a bigger booty.

2. Get in Shape... Wear

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Shapewear can solve all of your problems. You can buy products meant to lift your butt, or even padded panties that'll fill your jeans right out. I mean, women wear padded bras all the time, so why shouldn't they start wearing padded underwear? It's an easy solution to one of the greatest girl problems of this century.

3. Work Your Butt off

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The next time you walk into the gym, you should work on your butt muscles. Squats, lunges, deadlifts, and hip extensions should become your best friends. The more muscle you build on your booty, the bigger it'll look, so don't give up until you see results.

4. Where the Weight is

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While you're in the gym, you can try to lose weight in other areas that will impact the look of your booty. The smaller your waist is, the larger your butt will look. So if you're uncomfortable with exercises that build muscles in your booty, try to lose weight in the surrounding areas instead.

5. Walk the Walk

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Step into some high heels and your butt will automatically look better. The height changes the way that you walk, and makes your booty stick out a bit, which will give you the appearance of a fuller bottom. So if you want a quick fix to your flatness, just slip into some of your favorite Louboutins.

6. Tight is Right

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Yoga pants are popular for a reason. Wear a pair of them, or even skinny jeans, with a thong and your butt will look absolutely amazing. Why? Because it shows a perfect outline of your booty. Not much is left to the imagination when you wear them.

7. High and Mighty

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Toss out your low rise jeans, because they aren't going to do you any favors. Instead, you should buy some high waisted jeans or a high waisted skirt in order to really make your booty stand out. Remember, the tighter the better. As long as you feel comfortable with the fit, you should be proud to strut around town in your new outfit.

Society's idea of beauty is constantly changing, so even though big butts are in right now, flat ones may be popular a year from now. You never know, which is why you shouldn't rush to the doctor to get butt implants. Stick to using these tricks instead. Are you happy with the size of your booty, or do you wish it was larger?

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