Girl's Guide πŸ“™ to Making Your Eyes πŸ‘πŸ‘ Look Big and Beautiful 😍 ...

There’s just something about giant peepers that everyone thinks is so gorgeous. Sadly, we aren’t all born with big eyes, and I’m certainly one of them. However, there are some magical little things you can do to make people think you have huge eyes. It’s all in how you apply your makeup. By making these little changes to your routine, you can create the big-eyed look you want without much time or effort. Hooray!

1. Stock Your Makeup Bag with Plenty of Mascara

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Mascara is one of the easiest things to apply, but it has a huge impact on how your eyes look. A couple of coats on both the top and bottom goes a long way toward giving you the big eyes you want. Experts suggest using a lengthening mascara, then topping it with a thickening mascara. This duo will help give you long, plump lashes and the doe eyes you crave.

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