7 of My Favorite Inexpensive Beauty Products ...

It can be hard to find inexpensive beauty products that are also effective and long-lasting. Whenever I shop at drug stores, I am always hesitant to buy items without doing research on the ingredients as well as on the company in general because of my sensitive skin. That being said, drugstore does not necessarily have to mean that the items are not safe to use; you just have to be cautious. Available at all drugstores, try your hand at a few of my favorite inexpensive beauty products that fall under $5!

1. E.l.f. Essential Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick

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Some of the coolest and inexpensive beauty products stem from this fabulous company. One of the items that I frequently use is their eyeshadow stick; I am notoriously bad at applying my own eyeshadow so this product makes the process much easier as all it glides on smoothly; the "midnight rendezvous" color is my favorite choice. At only $2, you can't beat this service!

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