Video 🎞 Tutorial for DIY Chocolate 🍫 Lip Balm 👄 in 60 Seconds ⏳ ...

This is sooooo cute! Even if you have no man to lick your lips, lick your own lips with this stuff!

What girl loves chocolate? What girl likes to have soft lips? What girl likes a little tint without being overly dramatic? What girl wants that special guy to say "wow"? Then, I am sure this video is pleasing to all of you!

With the cost of a chocolate candy bar and some coconut oil, you have this DIY covered! Candy bars are sold everywhere. Now once hard-to-find coconut oil may be found at the dollar store. Place in whatever container you can find.

Want a little something to give to a gal pal? Make her some chocolate lip balm also!

So creative. Amazing what you are going to learn next on YouTube!

If you want me to keep up with these DIY projects, leave me a comment!

Thank you!

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